Collecting Should Rock

And other reasons why RocKeeper was created

Many years ago, I found myself searching for mineral collection software, but what I discovered was disheartening: I saw glorified spreadsheets and klunky database editors better suited to IT asset management than to rockhounding. People seemed to make it work for them, but it was neither intuitive to use nor particularly elegant or fun.

I decided that I could do better.

I want software that makes it easy to organize my collection. That makes it effortless to produce labels for any number of different uses. I want software that makes it simple to search my collection. And I want that search to be smart. When I search for tourmaline, I want to see all my elbaites and schorls. And I want that to work without me having to tell the software that, yes, uvite is a tourmaline. In short, I want more. Much, much more.

Meet Rockeeper

A Rockhound’s Best Friend

RocKeeper is the result of that vision (and a whole lot of hard work). You can read about the key features or ask me questions, but the easiest thing to do is register and see for yourself. Best of all, it’s free to get started.

Sure, many of you have more than 50 specimens (the limit for a free account), but that’s more than enough to see what RocKeeper has to offer!